Let’s have a throwback to winter Holidays

LET’S  Go!

Christmas History
Of The
Halo Lab Team


How do you keep the spirit of New Year and Christmas alive and take part in decorating the Christmas tree if the entire team works remotely?


Good question! We gathered all the Halo Lab Team members in one place to keep the festive atmosphere going and raise our glasses at the same time!


We've each made our innermost wish for the year 2022 so that we can light our Halo Lab Tree on time. Let's go watch!

Our tree shines with our dreamsfor 2022

Artem B.

Discover the star in you! Love!

Sergey D.

I wish everyone trying something new next year. Anything: a new genre of books, a new sport, a new hobby. If at least one new thing catches on, it's sure to be a year to remember. Have a great year 2022, and have a great holiday season!

Valentine B.

In 2022, we'll make sure more people around the world know about us. Everyone will be proud of their studio. Halo World!

Oleksandra Z.
PM Lead

Wishing open borders, more traveling and positive adventures! And also the end of the pandemic and peace.

Alina H.
UI/UX Designer

I wish everyone a lot of traveling ✈️
and the fulfillment of all cherished desires, to smile every day, to receive and share vibes of happiness! ☀️

Mais T.
Lead Designer

I wish the company even greater growth and achievement of its goals! We will do it as a team! We are entering 2022 even stronger! And to all members of this friendly team and their relatives I wish good health! The rest is real, so go ahead!
Full throttle! 🚀

Nikita H.
UI/UX Designer

I wish all of  us space passengers endless and top quality fuel, namely health. With this fuel we will fly very far and develop every day!

And also in the new year I want everyone's dreams and plans to come true. Even the smallest ones, which will eventually lead each of us to success. And what success is, each decides for themselves. Happy New Year!

Margarita D.
Project Manager

Wishing everyone a saved Slack history and unlimited time in Google Meet.

Inna C.
Project Manager

I wish everyone an interesting and productive year, let there be difficulties, but only easy ones, to develop new skills and qualities :) Let 2022 be full of joy, laughter, love, travel and new horizons. And all desires accelerate to come true!

Kateryna P.
QA engineer

May the New Year bring good luck and success to everyone! Let the new achievements be made easily and the knowledge be accumulated without any effort. Let the close people make you happy, and let new acquaintances expand mental boundaries :-)

Anna Z.
Project Manager

I wish you all your cherished wishes to come true next year! Meet only good and sincere people on your way, as in the team Halo Lab :), and may each day bring only a storm of bright impressions and emotions!

Daria G.
PM Lead

keep calm and share love <3

Dima L.
Front-End Developer

Less bugs, more FEATURES!

Sofia O.
Front-End Developer

Let the new year bring new opportunities and joyful moments, interesting acquaintances and warm meetings) I wish to welcome every day with a smile and be happy!! :)

Daniil P.
UI/UX Designer

I'm sorry, I didn't prepare, just be well!

Vlad M.
Front-End Developer

Success, joy, all the best, Halo Lab forever!!!

Dana L.
Head of Management

I wish 2022 was special) it sounds trite, but life goes on, and you need to appreciate every day and fill it with joy, meaning, pleasure, development... whatever you want

Anastasia K.
UI/UX Designer

May every minute of 2022 bring unforgettable moments 🤗 and everyone's dream come true💫💫💫

Daria M.
Front-End Developer

May we all be happier and more kind in the New Year)) may every day be filled with smiles and good impressions!

Olga B.
HR Manager

🎉 Have great projects and clients, development in all departments, and let the back-end team grow! Cheers!

Igor K.
Front-End Developer

I wish health, joy, love and kindness to you and your relatives! Fulfillment of desires, achievement of goals, more bright and good impressions!

Anna D.
UI/UX Designer

Regardless of the year, may we all always be in harmony with ourselves and enjoying our lives, with love in our hearts and warmth in our souls! Don't set yourself limits, be open to new things, feel, believe, dream🌟
Happy Holidays, coolest team Halo🎄🎅🏻

Liliya C.
Full-stack Developer

Open borders and the ability to travel across them more often))

Daria S.
UI/UX Designer

To make all these wishes come true, and to enter the New Year with renewed vigor!

Ivan K.
Front-End Developer

I wish you to do everything on time, not to burn out from work and just enjoy life :-)

Victoriia A.
UI/UX and Brand Designer

In the new year, I wish everyone to remain the same excellent specialists and a cohesive, friendly team 🙌. I wish everyone professional growth and with it growth of income. Let your work be pleasant and uncomplicated, and your personal life - interesting and rich 🏄. May you have enough free time for everything that is important to you. Happy New Year🐯🎉

Eugene B.
Back-End Developer

Happiness, good health.

Hanna S.
UI/UX Designer

I wish everyone lots of rest, delicious food, fun with the people they love, and taking care of themselves more than ever! ☺️✨

Andrey N.
UI/UX Designer

I wish everyone a lot of creativity and inspiration. May we all grow rapidly and achieve new incredible goals! Let’s win even more awards in 2022 💥

Ruslan K.
Front-End Developer

Burgeoning development, incredible success, more bright emotions, kindness and love! ⭐

Vasyl V.
Front-End Developer

I wish the company a prosperous New Year and new qualified employees, more exciting projects for each employee, and fulfillment of all your wishes in your personal life!

Tanya T.
UI/UX Designer

I wish everyone good luck, new successes and achievements! May the circle of desires become wider and be more opportunities for their implementation))

Marina H.
UI/UX Designer

I wish everyone to love what you do, to be with those you love, and enjoy every day :)

Lydia K.
Project Manager

End of the pandemic, so that even on the worst day you could find something good - and the worst days would be the minimum)) So that everyone would find harmony with himself/herself.
And a peaceful sky above your head)

Andrew M.
Webflow developer / designer

I wish you to always achieve your goals. And then you will have everything you want. And in order not to be bored with the joy of reaching your goals, I wish you good friends who will share joy with you sincerely🎉

Kate M.
UI/UX Designer

I wish all of you the best of inspiration and wonderful paths 🗺. Go beyond your possibilities and discover something new in yourself as often as possible ✨. I also wish you more warm meetings and lively, real emotions ♥️♥️♥️

Oleh S.
QA engineer

I wish everyone Happiness, Health, and Love. Hope you’ll achieve all your goals and your wishes will become true!

Sergey S.
Front-End Developer

I wish you great health and endless inspiration in the new year)

Sergey L.
Branding Designer

Children as there are stars in the sky! May God have mercy on you! Let the problems and disagreements make no weather in your life. Good luck to you and be healthy!

Andrei L.
Lead QA engineer

I wish everyone happiness, peace of mind and satisfaction in the new year. Enjoy your life, grow and reach new heights! Hope you will receive much love and respect from family and friends, and have good health!

Nikita S.
UI/UX Designer

I wish everyone in 2022 to find harmony in all areas of life. Hope that all important issues would be solved, that everything and everyone would be in their place. I want this year to be a year of comfort!

Dmitry D.
Front-End Developer

Peace of mind, health, interesting projects. Cheers!

Alina B.
UI/UX Designer

I want to wish a lot of bright emotions, smiles, and gifts of fate! May all your plans be fulfilled in the best possible way! ✨✨✨

Nataly U.
Office Manager, HR

I would like to wish everyone that the new year will be full of bright emotions and positive events. Travel more and expand your horizons!

Rostyslav K.
QA engineer

I wish to move strictly forward and upward, never stop and do not turn off the path, we can do it. It depends only on us, and of course health, health, health, and everything else will come!

Andrew S.
QA engineer

Happiness, health, more chill, and yummy food for everyone!

Tanya L.
UI/UX Designer

I wish you development, progress and hope we remain such a friendly team) I'm happy to work with you 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Katya G.
UI/UX Designer

May everyone have positive emotions and impressions of new opportunities in work and personal life. I wish good health, growth, luck and motivation to every team member ❤️ Together we will achieve success!

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